Ceramic Pot


Only the perfect packaging can complement our superior quality products and highlight their original character.

The LADOLEA handmade ceramic pot is inspired by the rich history of the Corinthian region in Greece, home to an ancient pot dated to 700 B.C., called the Aryballos.

This pot was well known for its use by Olympic athletes to cover their bodies in olive oil before the games and by the aristocracy of the era, for preserving their valuable essential oils and aromas.


By redesigning this exquisite pot we aspire to combine ancient and modern in the perfect dispenser meeting the highest market standards and certified by the General Chemical State Laboratory. The original design is the work of an experienced ceramist produced exclusively for LADOLEA and each unique pot is hand produced by traditional Greek potters.

The opaque surface prevents light penetration, thus maintaining the olive oil in its purest form and preserving the precious LADOLEA aroma and taste.

Caring for our consumers as well as for the environment, each reusable ceramic pot is accompanied with a cork-pourer so that it can be refilled with the recyclable LADOLEA tin cans.

Reddot Award Communication Design in Berlin 2014

Silver Pentaward in Tokyo 2014

Gold Award for Innovative Design in Los Angeles 2015